Stress Management and Career Adjustment

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Stress Management and Career Adjustment

Stress Management and Career Adjustment


Who needs our 360° Stress management and career adjustment course? Anyone who seeks new ways to overcome the difficulties of coping with personal, family and career life. This course at PSD Academy will help participants to improve their skills for a smart approach to achieving more effective management of stress and career life in order to enhance their well-being. 

While stress takes a toll on people’s quality of life, many do not fully understand its nature, causes, consequences, and effective management strategies. More than ever, people have so much to deal with in personal, family, social and career life. Hence, our 360° stress management and career adjustment program is designed to raise people's capacity to manage themselves.


Everyone experiences stress but at different levels. When acute, it lowers the well-being of individuals and negatively impacts their thinking processes, emotional reactions, behavior tendencies and performance, work-life balance, and overall health. Stress is a known trigger for many problems that include anxiety-related disorders, forms of depression, PTSD symptoms, vulnerability to substance use, violence, career difficulties, and at extreme level, sudden death.

In workplaces, violence incidents are caused by those who are under overwhelming persistent stress and have lost the capacity to cope. Therefore, reduce the stress to reduce the manifestation of psychological disorders and incidences of irrational and maladaptive behaviors.

Participating in our 360° Stress management course will also be helpful to young college graduates who are often technically smart but experience burnout due to the mismatch between their technical competence and psychological skills. Many are unable to cope with the real world of work. They easily get overwhelmed by expectations and the realities of adjustment to career life.

Emerging trend indicates that formal education does not seem to adequately prepare people (young and old) to adapt to life and career pressures. Hence, the 360° stress management course which offers a smart approach to intervention that starts and ends with the individual. It is available for those who seek new ways to overcome stress and career difficulties. Throughour program, participants would be able to connect learning experience with their lived experience, and be empowered to deal with the issues that affect their adjustment, healthy work-life balance, and general wellbeing.

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