About Us

About Us

Who we are?

PSD Academy is a learning organization that provides functional education through teaching and training from theories, principles and methods of psychology in new ways.


At PSD Academy, we design and deliver courses that strengthen the ability to recognize, analyze and control the issues that have psychosocial impacts on individuals, organizations and others. We empower individuals, groups and organizations through:

     (i)  Basic psychology education to improve understanding of their concerns and capacity for early prevention and control

    (ii)  New perspectives and skills for self-improvement and adjustment 

    (iii)  Ability to recognize the gap in behavioral, emotional, and critical thinking competencies  

    (iv)  Effective skills for continuous improvement on the well-being and effectiveness of people

    (v)  Capacity building skills for groups that are involved in human development interventions and coaching

    (iv) Capacity building for workforce development 

Our courses are designed for anyone above 18 years of age.


Evidence shows that many people find the traditional classroom education and training to be boring. The high-volume of materials, teaching methods, assessment and workload do sometimes make the learning to be less interesting and not relatable to people’s lived experience. This may explain why several programs that exist are unable to offer the needed capacity to deal with human factor issues which affect individuals in their personal, family, community, and career life.

Across cultures, there are those who like to be talked to by experts that share knowledge in ways people can relate to their personal and peculiar lived experiences. When empowered through our non-level defined learning, people can flourish by playing important roles in their problem-solving and psychosocial outcomes.

Why PSD Academy?

The skills learned at the Academy offer new perspectives for participants to become more effective and also be able to support others and gain effective control of those concerns in personal, family, community, and work life.

Our Services

PSD Academy provides human development education that is non-level defined. At PSD, we offer teaching and training for people to improve knowledge and acquire the psychological skills required for effective control of their concerns and well-being.

Our services include capacity buidling and individual continuous learning on human development skills, self-improvement, psychological adjustment, career adjustment, organizational development specific interventions, team development, educational consulting, communication and language skills training, attitudinal change, applied research and curriculum development. We are also highly skilled in capacity building to train those who can help the out-of-jail and out-of-rehab persons with adjustment and effectiveness in the family, community, and occupational life.


Presently, courses at PSD Academy are offered online from 3 to 6 weeks. Onsite delivery is available when requested by organizations. At the moment, each course is scheduled to be held twice a week. The courses are designed to address specific human skills gap and the emerging concerns that are threats to adjustment and effectiveness. All our courses are delivered by Psychologists who are highly skilled in human factor interventions.